Meet the Leadership Team

Meet the women, the visionaries behind these jaw-dropping events. They execute experiences that people talk about—for a long time. Every event is knit together from perfect moments that are unapologetically planned with exacting thoroughness. This drives fabulous experiences—for you and your guests, every time.



In 2011, The Concierge Club opened its doors and since then it has become synonymous with events and activations that captivate the imagination and delivers results. Monica has made a name for herself in the staffing industry by being a straightforward manager who never settles for anything less than the best. Her standards are simple and unrelenting; awe-inspiring events executed by the best talent.

Over a decade of experience in the special events industry has made her an expert at not only meeting expectations but exceeding them regardless of budget or timelines. As a former model, she’s a natural at training staff to represent brands authentically, memorably, and with flair. To this day, she continues to be directly involved in the hiring process to ensure the company’s continued stellar customer service. Her ambition is to rid the world of lackluster events and aims to turn the event management and staffing industry on its head.



With over 30 years of experience in the event industry, Elvira Muffolini is a lifestyle maven who specializes in luxury event management, décor concepts, and business incubations. Her ability to design spectacular events and projects has allowed her to transform her passion into a lifestyle. With talent and effortless charm, she develops solid relationships with clients, colleagues and vendors.

Elvira continuously exceeds all expectations with an unmatched level of inspiration, imagination, and innovation. This allows her to create the latest trends in experiential marketing. Elvira’s natural ability for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary has made her work synonymous with style, originality, elegance, and vision.

Currently, Elvira’s focus is on corporate event services, project incubations, and charitable activations.



Monika is a non-stop creative engine. She brings brands to life through provocative and memorable product launches, media blitzes, and guerrilla campaigns. Even more so, she loves the journey from concept to execution, meeting every challenge head-on and delivering every element on time and on budget. She is the perfect combination of big picture thinker who has an eye for the details. Her event strategies are always a welcome extension of our clients’ marketing departments.

Every new client is an opportunity for Monika to impress and deliver. She knows what it takes to craft something that is designed to amaze. Beyond all else, she never settles for anything less than an event so brilliant that it is talked about long after it ends.



Tara Cowin manages our staff with grace and dilligence. She excels at the business side of staffing—from hiring the perfect talent across Canada to training our team to ensure they make a brand shine. As a result of her unfailing dedication and eye for new talent, our clients sing Tara’s praises, and she continues to earn accolades for her smooth activations time and time again.

Under her careful watch, the Concierge Club staff is the most polished, professional and personable: a trifecta of excellence that Tara adheres to. We attribute our continued success to Tara’s uncanny ability to connect the right talent to the right event.



Elle is our resident social media powerhouse. With a strong background in marketing and modelling, Elle’s started with us as a talented brand ambassador for companies like Audi, Guess and Rockstar Energy. With poise and passion, Elle proved to be an essential asset to the company and was soon promoted to bigger projects with high-profile clients such as Justin Bieber, Dragon’s Den, and Guerlain cosmetics.

Brimming with a creative spark, Elle draws in new talent and is responsible for making social media integral to our growing success. With a toolkit full of essential and marketable skills such as Photoshop, content writing and design, Elle has always welcomed new challenges with a positive attitude and hardworking spirit. Elle’s aspirational people skills and strong work ethic make her a welcome addition to the company.