Meet Our Leadership Team

Creating experiences and events that impress starts at the top. This is the team that never settles for second best.




Monica is our fearless leader. A visionary and a self-described perfectionist who is intentionally hands-on with all projects—because she absolutely loves the work and the clients. When we say “love,” we’re not exaggerating. Monica is beyond passionate about our work here at The Concierge Club.

“I am so excited when Monday comes around,” she confesses, “because I actually miss my employees and clients over the weekend!”

As President, Monica has her hands in a lot of pies. She oversees business development, sales, ideation, budget management, client relationships, and on-boarding. She does it all really, because she loves it all.

Her greatest asset is her people magnetism. People are drawn to Monica, and she to them. She’s a natural networker and relationship builder—She does what she says she’s going to do when she says she’s going to do it. She’s intelligent, creative, witty, dynamic. And she doesn’t take any shit. We couldn’t imagine anyone else at our helm.



Elvira is a ball of fire. Her endless energy and passion coupled with her taste for excess and desire for excellence — bar none — make her a natural born leader. She leads our events team with an irreverent attitude and a healthy dose of optimism. There is nothing that Elvira can’t make happen.

“My daily mantra is: You win, I win,” she says. “So I audit every detail in the process — before, during, and after events — aiming to improve every level of the experience always.”

As Director of Events, Elvira runs the show. She’s responsible for nurturing an idea into a full blow, get-people-talking event that goes off from start to finish without a hitch. It’s a lot of responsibility for one woman to bear, and Elvira takes it on with grace and tenacity, too.

Elvira has over 30 years of experience specializing in luxury event management and a portfolio dripping with opulence. Our clients praise her as an “Architect of Atmosphere” who ensures that every detail over every event is polished. There’s no one more impressive in the business, if you ask us. Her talent to bring each client’s unique vision to life is simply unparalleled.

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Jonid is a charismatic accountant and a fundamental pillar of our team. He came to The Concierge Club with global financial experience and a reputation for providing the highest standards of audits worldwide. Jonid’s magic is that he’s highly visible to our clients and deeply engaged in projects—so he can establish a clear and concise path toward financial success for all involved. He loves a good win-win.

Jonid has the highest designation in the Canadian accounting industry and breaks down enormous financial complexities with ease and joy. His experience as a Board of Director with both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit companies, has provided him with leadership and governance skills akin to none. He loves a challenge and a beautiful balance sheet at project end.



Monika is a bonafide problem solver. She makes impossible requests possible and turns challenges into solutions. That is her charm. She finds great joy in creating a sweet spot for clients where practicality (budgets and timelines) meet excellence (exceeded expectations).

“I have one clear objective with every client relationship,” she says. “Happiness. I want them to be so happy it’s impossible to contain. I want thousands of people to call them and say ‘wow, that was amazing.’ Then my work is complete.”

As an Account Director, Monika is involved in all aspects of every project—from ideation to budget management, staffing to décor. She is meticulous in her organization skills and a natural at moving an idea through to execution. She also always has a well-thought out Plan B, C, and sometimes even D.

Her magic is her ingenuity and reliability. She can shift the sails on a dime if necessary without ever dropping the ball. She’s a rare breed and a consummate professional. Our clients are lucky to work with her, and so are we.

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Tania is a bundle of extreme positivity. She has an innate ability to bring joy to complex projects and challenging situations. Connecting with clients, bridging gaps, and developing unbreakable relationships is more than a job for Tania, it’s actual fun. She gets a kick out of relationship building and is often found grinning ear to ear.

“I don’t even notice when I work overtime,” she confesses, “because I love it here. I’m having so much fun!”

As an Account Manager, Tania’s responsibilities are lofty. She oversees a portfolio of customers—all with unique needs. She takes great care to dig deep and understand their vision, needs, and objectives so she can manage and inspire our internal team to deliver beyond expectation.

If enthusiasm is what you want, Tania has it in spades. She loves our clients’ projects as much (and even more) than they do. Which makes her the most persistent, passionate, and professional person to bring dreams to fruition.



Jordan is a collaborator. He brings great people together to do great things. Building and nurturing teams is second nature to Jordan. So is motivating a tribe to excellence.

“There is literally no obstacle that cannot be overcome,” says Jordan. “Our common goal is excellence. And we always get there.”

As our Senior Staff Manager, Jordan is responsible for managing our field teams—brand ambassadors, promotional models, and specialty staff. He’s also tasked with ensuring those team are nothing short of amazing. Every time. A task he delivers on time and again.

Jordan’s innate ability to inspire brilliance in our field teams, keeps clients happy and brand experiences impressive. He never settles for anything less than outstanding and motivates our teams to push what’s possible every time. He’s the right leader for a branded army.




Kara connects people. She can see potential from across a room and matches talent to brands effortlessly. She knows that a first impression is a one-time-only opportunity. So there is no room for failure. The people on staff need to deliver on point. Every time. And she makes sure that they do.

“Staffing is a crucial part of every event,” she says. “From the first person you meet when you arrive to the last person you see when you leave—impressions are everything. And I create lasting ones.”

As our Staffing Account Manager, Kara has personally interviewed every single person we hire and travels across the country to do it. She prides herself in knowing our talent beyond just the pages of their resumes. She is inherently interested in personalities and can literally provide names, dates, and details pertaining to each of our 1000+ staff. She cares. Deeply.

Her knack for matchmaking and meticulous training leaves our clients in awe—and ever impressed—by the staff she brings together for every event. Kara is one of the hardest, most authentically caring people we know. Pairing people with brands is like breathing for her. Which is why she’s so damn great at it.



Andre is an ideas man. He rolls with the punches and brings creative solutions to the table that solve problems. He’s an extraordinary talent who can predict and avoid problems before they ever arise. He’s always one step ahead of a storm, and wowing everyone around the table with his solutions as a result.

“I thrive on attacking problems as they come,” he says. “And creating solutions that are not just practical, but are also beautiful and effective, too.”

As our Solutions and Design Director, Andre not only conceptualizes brilliant ideas, but is also responsible for bringing those ideas to life. Every creative concept must be implementable. He is a perpetual prototyper, working tirelessly to transform bold ideas into functional realities. And he doesn’t quit until he figures out how to do it.

He is a master 3-D modeller, a seasoned woodworker, and an impressive artist who often leaves our clients with their jaws agape, saying things like: “Whoa! We can do that?!” With Andre leading the charge, we can do and create nearly anything. And the result will get people talking. Most definitely.




Anthony has a passion for marketing that keeps him constantly developing creative and innovative strategies that connect brands with their target consumers. With over 5 years’ experience, Anthony acknowledges the ever-changing industry and works tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. He is focused on providing the same level of detail to each and every client he works with. Anthony’s excessive brand portfolio includes big brands like Ferrero Rocher, Moosehead, Hershey’s, Bacardi, CBC, RBH, HP Canada, Shopify, Grey Goose, Pure Leaf and Cadillac Fairview to name a few.

The testament to his success thus far has been the ability to transfer the knowledge he has acquired and being able to mentor and educate others to improve. Anthony is dedicated to upholding the amazing company culture at The Concierge Club and helping to deliver the best quality work in the industry.

Important words to live by – “When excellence becomes tradition, greatness has no limits”



Kevin is an enthusiastic sales and marketing professional with years of industry experience working from coast-to-coast with major national brands. He is a critical thinker who brings a solutions oriented mentality to every opportunity and welcomes new challenges. Being 100% bilingual, Kevin has a history of working closely with the Quebec market. He thrives in executing social experiences and is always ready to collaborate on the next big idea.

Throughout his career, he has consistently been focused on driving value through innovative strategies, while ensuring client satisfaction by nurturing business relationships. With a proven record for driving results through effective management, coaching and professional development, his leadership ensures that all team members feel valued apart of a common goal. Kevin’s raison d’être is to genuinely help his clients and colleagues succeed.




Elle is our resident social media powerhouse. With a strong background in marketing and modelling, Elle’s started with us as a talented brand ambassador for companies like Audi, Guess and Rockstar Energy. With poise and passion, Elle proved to be an essential asset to the company and was soon promoted to bigger projects with high-profile clients such as Justin Bieber, Dragon’s Den, and Guerlain cosmetics.

Brimming with a creative spark, Elle draws in new talent and is responsible for making social media integral to our growing success. With a toolkit full of essential and marketable skills such as Photoshop, content writing and design, Elle has always welcomed new challenges with a positive attitude and hardworking spirit. Elle’s aspirational people skills and strong work ethic make her a welcome addition to the company.